The International

Yachting Fellowship

of Rotarians

The International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR) is a community of Rotarians (Mariners) who combine an acceptance of the principles of Rotary with a love of boats and the sea, rivers and inland waters, and use the shared interest of yachting and seamanship as an opportunity to encourage and foster the objectives of Rotary. 

Mariner objectives are:

  1. To advance international understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideals of service.

  2. To promote Rotary fellowship through cruising, yachting, racing, sailing, kayaking and other activities involving boats and boating.

  3. To promote high standards of seamanship and abide by recognized yachting customs and etiquette on the water.

  4. To support Rotary service projects and opportunities, on and off the water.

There are  126 active Rotary yachting fleets in 44 countries throughout the world: Argentina, Albania, Australia, Bulgaria, Brazil,  Belgium, Canada, Chile, China (Hong Kong SAR), Colombia, Crimea, Croatia, Czech and Slovak Republics, Ecuador,  Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mali, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay and the USA.

The world wide membership is of nearly 3690 members who are “enrolled” in the said 126 Fleets and in the World E-Fleet, created to connect the mariners that have no other fleet that they can join.

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