The Association pursues civic and social utility purposes, aimed in general at the protection and improvement of the environment. It was created and operates within the broader framework of the Service Principles of Rotary International, and the IYFR, the International Group of Yachting Rotarians interested in boating in all forms and disciplines.

The establishment of the association took place as an institutional adaptation to the Italian legislation of the activity already started in 2019, and through this, in order to give greater impetus to its operations, including internationally. The assumption of a solid official identity thus allows the consequent possibilities to operate fully in the field of technical experimentation, the promotion of research, information and awareness, as well as in the financial, fiscal and social one, and to be a valid interlocutor towards national and international bodies and institutions, as well as of course the members and supporters.

As per the Bylaws, the Association has a Rotarian identity, but all people of both sexes from any country in the world, willing to actively contribute, according to Rotarian principles, to the achievement of the social purpose can be members.

The Association’s horizon is international, and it could not be otherwise since the problem of plastic waste pollution unfortunately affects all the oceans and seas of the world. In this dimension, the Plastic Free Waters operation can count on the participation and collaboration of both Rotary, its Districts, its Clubs and other important international structures with a specific theme (eg: Rotary Action Groups), and the articulated structure of the IYFR present in 44 countries around the world.

The main ongoing and planned actions now concern:

  • the creation of multilingual information material and its use in schools, and in other information, awareness-raising and training activities
  • the contribution to direct research towards new biodegradable materials and new effective solutions for waste recycling, also in a circular economy framework
  • the evaluation and testing of adequate solutions to intercept plastic before it reaches the sea, in particular at the mouths of large rivers, or their upstream tributaries, the primary source of marine pollution.
  • Collaboration with other important international or supranational bodies that operate ethically with similar or complementary objectives.

The Association is based in Rapallo, in via Pietrafredda 55. Its tax code is 90079850104

The President: Sergio Santi
The Vice President and Secretary General: Alessandro D’Onofrio
The Treasurer: Fabrizio Pucci


    The undersigned

    Born in on the , CF

    in the capacity of legal representative of

    Address: , number

    Postal Code - City - Province/District

    - -

    Hereby asks for admission as a member

    of the Association, sharing its institutional purposes, and declaring to have read and understood its Statute, to fully approve it, and to want to adhere without reservation to it and to any Regulations, as well as to the resolutions of the corporate bodies;
    It also undertakes to pay the annual membership fee and the registration fee, if any.
    In the case of a "Collective" member, the Legal Representative will also indicate the name of the Delegate who will represent him:

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