Masks “IYFR/PFW” Type

THE IYFR Operation Plastic Free Waters towards the biodegradable face masks

Today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is forced to use protective masks to defend others from the transmission of virus-carrying droplets that even many asymptomatic people can spread.

Studies say that in Italy 40 million masks are used every day, which, not being biodegradable, if not disposed of properly, are going to pollute the environment for hundreds of years.

Rotary is attentive to environmental sustainability and our aim is therefore to reduce the significant percentage of incorrectly disposed of surgical masks which, as widely documented, end up in the sea.

This is why we have developed IYFR / PFW type masks, made of 100% soft cotton, double layer, of different colors, washable, ironable: they are reusable for a long time, they adapt perfectly to the face, are adjustable and have an internal pocket to hold a possible filter element to increase its performances. These masks, even if complete with filters, are not medical devices, but are community masks, as stated by Art 7 of the Prime Minister’s Decree of 24 October 2020, whose use (like that of surgical masks) is recommended in non-heavily contaminated environments, with low-risk of contagion and in the presence of asymptomatic people.

The IYFR / PFW type masks have been jointly designed by the Staff of the Operation IYFR Plastic Free Waters ( ) and by Cravattificio Diana from Abano Terme, supplier of the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians (IYFR)  and provide for the possible use of filters / inserts, preferably biodegradable. Viscose and mater-bi® filters made by  Coccato & Mezzetti are currently available    ( ).

The masks can be obtained from IYFR PLASTIC FREE WATERS who have a small supply; they cost 10 Euro per package, plus shipping, which is taken care of by a IYFR Officer. Due to the current long queuing at the post offices, shipments are done when the total orders reach 50 sets. The normal set includes 1 mask and 50 biodegradable filters (C&M). The cost of the mask alone is € 7 and that of each 50-piece filter pack is € 3.

The Masks can be customized with the name of the Club, District, Company, or Sponsor; the cost depends on the quantity ordered.

Detailed information can be provided by e-mail both by Commander Sergio Santi, , International Coordinator of IYFR PLASTIC FREE WATERS OPERATION, and by Prof. Franco Cecchi 

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