Plastic Free Waters is the Operation launched in 2019 by some members of the Rotarian Fellowship IYFR, the International Group of Rotarians passionate about boating, an operation that continues today carried out in Rotary and in the world by IYFR itself and in particular by the association “IYFR – Plastic Free Waters ”, always with a Rotarian identity.

We are a non-profit association with an international horizon


Stop, before it ends up in the oceans, the enormous flow of plastic transported by the great Asian and African rivers, which constitutes 80% of the plastic that ends up in the sea. This can be achieved by means of adequate reliable river barriers, which intercept the plastic before it reaches the sea. With our experts we aim to evaluate and provide assistance in the design, testing, implementation, and commissioning of barriers or other systems.
Search for alternative materials or rapidly biodegradable plastics, as well as new valid recycling solutions, are aspects that will be increasingly important. Our team of technicians constantly follows the various initiatives, to help direct them towards concrete solutions on an industrial level.
Working for a significant decrease in the quantity of plastic produced in the world, to prevent the uncontrolled increase in the production and accumulation of plastic waste in the environment.
It is the only definitive solution that will bring less waste to the oceans. It will take some time, both because the huge interests of the big oil companies, plastic producers, and large users are at stake, and because many developing countries lack the economic and organizational means to prevent or cure the problem.
Information, Awareness, Training, which we carry out with targeted campaigns and tools starting from primary schools. They are an effective tool, albeit over time, for spreading knowledge of the problem and creating a responsible conscience, which will lead to rejection of the exaggeration and uselessness of a large part of plastic.

Join us or support us, to be part of the solution with us!

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