Una bella lezione di vita: un solo uomo a difesa del fiume sacro Godavari, l’inquinamento dei fiumi e, di conseguenza dei mari, sta diventando sempre più noto e allarmante. Anche nei Paesi meno sviluppati, che purtroppo sono anche quelli che producono maggiore inquinamento, si sta creando una coscienza critica e nascono azioni di contrasto alle violenze che gli uomini fanno alla natura.
Questo è un esempio molto particolare, ma da applaudire, di una persona che, armata solo di un fischietto e di tanta buona volontà, evita che un grande fiume sacro dell’India diventi una discarica.

Un uomo sta tutto il giorno accanto a Godavari per impedire alle persone di scaricare sacchetti di plastica pieni di rifiuti è quanto scrive Srimoyee Chowdhury  su Hindustan Times, New Delhi  il 01 novembre 2020.

Pollution in water

Pollution in water bodies is a big concern. And, different people are taking various steps to ensure a clean environment. The story of Chandra Kishore Patil from Indiranagar, Nashik perfectly describes such efforts. Patil came to limelight after IFS officer Swetha Boddu tweeted about him. A post, about Patil, has garnered much applause from netizens and chances are you will also laud the man for his thoughtful actions.

“I saw this man stand on this road entire day with a whistle in hand to stop people from throwing Dussehra ‘holy waste’ in plastic bags into Godavari, Nashik,” reads the post by Boddu. The share is complete with a picture of Patil standing beside bags of waste.

HT Patil

Fiume Godavari India

Speaking to HT Patil mentioned that he has been living in a society near the river. With every passing year, the water becomes filthier as people dispose of their waste in the river after festivities. Five years ago, he decided to take a stand and have been stopping people from polluting the waterbody.

“I’ve been doing this every year for five years now. And will continue doing this till my health permits,” Patil said. The accumulated waste then gets collected by the municipality and taken away to a separate dump yard.

from morning till 11 pm

I stand beside the river from morning till 11 pm at night with a whistle and alert people not to throw garbage in the river. Many behave rudely with me, but I still pursue them not to do such things,” Patil told HT. When asked how he deals with the resistance, he said that he fills bottles with the river water and asks the people to take a sip from it. When they refuse, he makes them aware of the severe pollution in the river.

Shared on October 31, the post has garnered over 800 likes along with numerous comments from netizens.


People couldn’t stop praising Patil’s efforts, and many lauded him as a hero for the environment.

“Real heroes of society,” wrote one Twitter user. “Feel proud and happy to have such people,” commented another. “Great salute to his responsibility,” said a third.

“He is a true inspiration,” expressed a fourth.

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